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Have you chosen a real estate agent and are thinking about how to proceed?

If you are still looking for the best agents, we recommend using PropTech platforms like Nobul or Zumper. These applications will give you unbiased answers to all the important questions you have when choosing an agent.

You will see agent details like years of experience, the number of homes sold, neighbourhoods where the agents work, agent reviews, and transparent pricing. It will help you in making an informed selection of the agent who best meets your unique needs.

For those who have already selected their real estate agents, this is how you should proceed with them:

Sign an agreement

An agreement binds your agent and you in duties and responsibilities that your agent may otherwise avoid or neglect. When you sign the agreement, you formalize your real estate agent’s general and fiduciary responsibilities to you. By signing, you assure loyalty, avoidance and disclosure of conflicts, financial accountability and protection of your confidential information. Any deviation from the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement can lead to legal consequences for your agent.

An agent that avoids signing an agreement may not have the right intentions for you. Therefore, the agreement signing process ensures that you engage with a professional and responsible real estate agent.

Share your expectations with the agent

Set clear expectations from the very beginning to avoid any disappointments later. Let your agent know your communication preferences, when and how they should contact you. How would you meet your agent every day, should they provide you with a pick and drop service? How many houses do you want to see each day? And, everything else that you expect your agent to do for you.

Don’t sign any legal documents without knowledge about them

Ask questions from your agent about anything and everything before signing any document. However, understand that real estate agents aren’t lawyers. Therefore, don’t ask for any legal opinion from your agents. For any conflicts or legal issues, consult a real estate lawyer.

Prepare yourself for buying a property

You don’t need a real estate agent if you are not interested in buying a house. There are apps like Nobul where you can choose agents, get prices, and get analytics on everything from neighbourhoods to schools, all from the comfort of your home. You can also go to an open house by yourself. Don’t hire agents and waste their time, if you aren’t serious about buying a house.

Get your mortgage approved

Pre-approval gives you an idea of how much you can spend on your house purchase. You can let your agent know your budget accordingly. It is important to get a preapproval letter so that you don’t waste your agent’s time and efforts in showing properties you can’t afford. Pre-approval also expedites your home buying process.

Consult an advisor for all your queries and concerns about working with a real estate agent. They will guide you at each step of your real estate buying journey and ensure to make your house purchase a memorable one.

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