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Manlius, New York is a charming suburb in Onondaga County, east of Syracuse. The town of more than 32, 000 residents has three villages named Fayetteville, Manlius, and Minoa. The community is one of the largest in the Metropolitan Syracuse region. The first settlers to the area arrived in 1790. The town of Manlius dates back to 1813 and is ranked as one of the best places to live in the country.

Facts About Manlius Real Estate

According to statistics, the median home price in Manlius is $299,500 which is lower than the average price of 495,000 in New York. The price of homes has appreciated 4.87 percent over the previous year. The price per square foot is $111.

Searching Manlius Real Estate Listings

Real estate listings provide necessary information about the home’s features including how many bedrooms and baths it has, the sales history, the property taxes, cooling and heating systems, and the year the house was built. The most effective way to search real estate listings manlius ny that are within your price range is to use the filters on a real estate agent’s website to narrow down the listings. Search by listing type to find homes that are registered with an agent or for sale by owner.

Searching by home type will provide listings of houses, apartments, condos, or townhouses. By using more advanced filters, you can find properties that have an HOA. If you’re in the market for a vintage home, search for properties built within a particular time frame. You can also find out how long a home has been on the market.

Real Estate Listings for Investors

Investors looking for properties in Manlius have opportunities to purchase industrial or retail spaces, parcels of land to develop, apartment buildings or condos, and office spaces. Listings will provide the prices of the property and may disclose the lease price. Office and retail listings will state how many areas are available, the size of the unit, and price per square foot. Listings indicate the property type, sub-type, and the class of the building. Categories for commercial property include industrial, office, retail, multi-family, land, and miscellaneous, to describe everything else.

Commercial and Industrial Building Classifications

Classifications of commercial buildings are A, B, or C. Class A buildings are new or have been renovated to include upscale amenities. The properties are in prime locations and have a professional management team. Investors often search for Class B buildings because of the potential for a high return on the initial investment after renovations are complete. Class C buildings are old, need a lot of improvement, and usually have vacancies longer due to the location.

The Appeal of Manlius for Homebuyers

Manlius is ideal for buyers who want to live in a community with a small-town atmosphere, a low crime rate, and an excellent education system. The Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District is the public-school system and has received recognition as one of the outstanding public-school systems in the state. State Highway 290 and New York Thruway cross through a small section of town, making it convenient to reach Syracuse and New York City.

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