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Let’s face it, anyone who knows anything about the real estate market knows that it can be easier to buy a house than to sell one. There are many reasons who selling a house can be a difficult task to undertake. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the house you are selling is in top shape and brand new or if it has been lightly lived in for a few years. There are many things that can affect the cost and conditions of the sale and each one can be a unique situation that you, the seller must deal with.

We buy houses, because of our experience, it is easy for us to give you a few tips that can help increase the chances that your house will sell. First, it is important to have realistic expectations. We know and understand that you love your house and chances are you are quite proud of it. That is fine, but is worth the price you are asking for it? It could be, and we aren’t judging that, but, you must be realistic in your expectations. If you walk into a grocery store and you know that grapefruit is no more than a dollar, would you pay five dollars for it? Of Course not. So, knowing this, why would you sell or buy a house that is not worth the asking price? The answer is, you wouldn’t and no one else will either.

Knowing what the real asking price should be is the easiest way to sell your house. People want a bargain today but, they are willing to pay for quality too. By keeping your house priced right, you increase your chance of a quicker sale. Another thing you will want to do is make sure that you disclose everything you need to disclose. If there is a lien or mortgage or back taxes owed, tell the potential buyer. Honesty upfront is the easiest way to make a friend. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You don’t have to sell the house to a lifelong friend and we don’t suggest you do. What we are saying is, be polite, honest and truthful with the potential buyer and chances are great that they will show you the same courtesy in the long run.

Keep in mind that there are lots of potential buyers but, you will want to sell to someone you feel good with too. Someone who offers you a fair price and tells you openly why they feel it is a good offer or why they will agree to whatever terms must be met. When you are working with the right buyer, this is an easy stipulation to meet. Keep in mind there are many places you can get information about selling your house and you don’t always have to go to a local real estate office to get the best price, often a private sale is your best deal for so many reasons.

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