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Spec homes are one of the most popular form of housing in certain subdivisions. These homes are incomplete and builder hope that buyers would turn in and buy them before they are finished. Here, the buyer will be able to choose paint, fixtures, plumbing, cabinetry and flooring according to their taste. The builder usually presents a budget for the buyer’s needs. There may be savings in some areas that can be spent on other items. Failure to acknowledge these choices or choose the requirements wisely can blow the buyer’s entire budget.

What is important here is for the buyer to get the preferences in writing, agreed and signed by all the parties involved. This document will clearly indicate what the builder is going to provide so that there is no confusion or surprise bills later. A few builders may not let the buyer make any changes to the house. They buy materials in bulk in order to cut cost and keep it simple and up to standard. This means no paint in the color of rainbows and no cabinet knobs matching the faucets. If this is the case, it is crucial to find out as early as possible. Your written and signed agreement document should tell what is allowed or what is not so as to save any misunderstanding or a possible lawsuit in the future. For more information, visit http://sfofficespaces.com/services/tenant-representation/. 

Unfortunately, home buyers, if they are exploring the market for the first time, fail to understand the expenses that go into bringing the home to their liking. What seems like a generous budget for a granite flooring might buy only a low quality ceramic tiles in light tint. Most items are added extras which means door hinges, cabinet pulls, sink drains and much else need to be purchased separately. If you are buying a house in an upscale community and the HOA requires that the exterior of the house be painted with only high quality Sherman Williams, you will be surprised at the cost of doing it. Therefore, it is always good to learn beforehand that your final house will have compromises, or you will have to shell out extra money to bring it to the required standard.

However, you can choose wisely with regards to materials and finishes and make some sacrifices here and there to save money for things that cannot be compromised. If you need to forego on quality somewhere, you may start with the light bulbs or fans. These can be installed later, even after several months the house is complete and you have moved in. On a similar note, cabinet pulls can be replaced with high quality ones later on when you have saved enough money for the upgrade. Covering the bare floor with an area rug is the best thing to do if you plan to install high quality granite flooring sometime in the near future. This way you don’t have to waste money on tiles that will eventually end up in the landfill when you remodel.


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