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Who is Tampa Homestyles?

Tampa Homestyles is a luxury real estate firm based in the Tampa, Florida area.  The firm is run by Jaime Brown who has 12 years of experience selling real estate locally in Tampa Bay.  So what is the scoop from Tampa Homestyles? With a mass exodus from densely populated northeastern states like NY, NJ, PA and coastal cities, Brown says the market for luxury homes in Tampa is on the rise.

Why the Influx of People Into Florida?

There are a few reasons for this, one of course being the onset and periodic surges of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting close-knit communities. There are also social reasons (the relaxing, beachside lifestyle), economic reasons (no state income tax), and political reasons (we’ll leave this one to you!)  Last but certainly not least is the temperate Florida climate. While many transplanted New Yorkers are heartbroken to have to leave their beloved  home states in the first place, more and more buyers are looking at making this a permanent move – though time will ultimately tell.

What is Happening in Tampa?

As we mentioned, luxury home sales have skyrocketed in Tampa and other parts of Florida.  With the population boom comes the opportunity for economic growth, too. As wealthy people move into the region, they will enjoy spending money with local merchants (while maintaining social distancing policies, of course, as required for the foreseeable future.)  Jaime Brown of Tampa Homestyles contends that the trend will likely continue throughout the year, at the very least and that currently there are no signs of demand slowing. Tampa Homestyles is fully capable of accommodating additional growth spurts with more than 10,000+ residential homes available on the market in the Tampa Bay area.

What Does the Future Hold for Luxury Home Sales in Florida?

Jaime Brown is quite optimistic and thinks there is “room for everyone” in Tampa. Her firm has pivoted to the new surge in out-of-state interest quickly by making tours available virtually through the Tampa Homestyles website.

What Should Be Your Next Steps?

If you have decided that moving to Florida is the best thing for you and your family, give Tampa Homestyles a call.


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