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Your offer has been accepted on your dream home and you’re off! Well, not quite. The offer stage is only the start of what can become a time-consuming and complex process. If you’re a first-time buyer, you may find the process towards exchanging contracts overwhelming.

During the conveyancing procedure, a third of house purchases fall through. Here are some conveyancing fails to avoid.

1. Property Survey

Don’t let the thought of your surveyor’s report scare you! It’s a professional document worded in such that way that the most substantial new-build can appear down-trodden and rotten with damp. If the report’s content causes concern, don’t be afraid to speak to the person who carried out the survey. It’s the best way to find out if there are any serious and costly issues with the property or if you’re good to go ahead with the purchase. You can find out more information about the different types of surveys available here: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-buying/what-sort-of-survey-should-i-have/.

2. Conveyancing Solicitor

Be careful not to choose a bad one! Do your research and find someone with a good reputation. The last thing you need during this stressful and emotional time is to be micro-managing a so-called expert. There are so many solicitors to choose from. It’s a good idea to find out what you can about expert solicitors who will deliver an efficient and effective conveyancing process.

3. Conveyancing Process

Finding your dream property is only the start. Once you’re happy with the above two steps in the chain, there are many other parts to the process. Make sure your file doesn’t sit in the admin tray any longer than necessary. You can chase things up and check the survey has been carried out, searches have been done, all fees are paid, contracts have been drawn up and a whole host of other things. Don’t be shy in picking up the phone and chasing – oftentimes it’s a case of ‘he who shouts loudest’.

The conveyancing part of a house purchase can leave people confused. Choose a good solicitor who specialises in residential conveyancing and make sure they explain the whole process to you. Keep in regular contact with them and make sure things are chased up and dealt with as quickly as possible. You may find you have the keys to your dream home much sooner than you thought.

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